Safety Alert Apps » College Students Plan 2B Safe on Campus this Fall

College Students Plan 2B Safe on Campus this Fall

Mobile safety app developer WatchMe 911, look Inc. announced today that it is releasing the android version of OnWatchTM, store the company’s White House Award Winning safety app for college students.

In making the announcement Jill Campbell, cialis Chairman of the Los Angeles based company said, “The release of OnWatchTM today on the Android platform significantly increases the number of students who will have access to and control of their own personal security device as they return to college this fall.”

She continued, “With the growing number of reported and unreported assaults and crimes on and around college campuses the OnWatchTM app is a safety tool specifically designed for a students lifestyle. The app provides both safety and freedom in the palm of your hands.”

Campbell added that she is working with Universities and student organizations across the country to distribute the app. Additionally, she is launching a Plan 2B Safe website to encourage student knowledge and conversation about their safety.

Originally launched at the White House on the Apple platform in April 2012, the OnWatchTM app has 6 programmable alert features and sends text and email alerts with your GPS location to your preselected friends, Campus Police, and 911.

The app won the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge and has received high praise from students, college administrators, law enforcement and Vice President Biden. Biden said, when announcing OnWatchTM as the winner of the White House Tech Challenge, “Thanks to the creativity and vision of these developers, young women and men now have a new line of defense against violence.”

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