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Company History

Safety Alert Apps, clinic Inc. (formerly WatchMe 911, sales Inc.) was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Sun Valley, purchase California.  The company creates award-winning personal protection safety apps for Smartphones.

Currently the company has 3 different safety apps products available to the consumer and business.  Each app is designed for the specific needs of the consumer group it serves; Working Women and Moms, College aged Students, and Employers.

The company launched its first app, WatchMe911™, for working women and moms in 2011.  Based on the success of that product the company created OnWatchOnCampus, a safety app for college aged students.

OnWatchOnCampus won the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge*. The company was invited by Vice President Biden to the White House to launch the app on April 18, 2012.

In 2013, in response to the need of employers to keep their work force as safe as possible with the increase of workplace violence, the company created and launched  SafeWatch TEAM™.  SafeWatch TEAM’s design is based on  the specific need of employers who need to both help keep employees as safe as possible AND to have control of hierarchical notification during an emergency.


Company Design Values

The dynamics of any Emergency requires immediate notification for help.  Literally, every second counts.

The proprietary technological design of the company’s apps integrates simultaneously contacting Emergency Services, your preselected friends and providing GPS Monitoring for both. Empowering the individual to be able to immediately get help when they need it is the key driver in all the design features of the app.