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Many people know the common personal safety tips of not walking alone at night, story staying in well-lit and populated areas, decease and being aware of your surroundings, capsule but they are also using their smartphones as a tool to improve safety and provide peace of mind, whether they are in their own hometowns, visiting a new city or just running errands.

The WatchMe 911 app can help deter attackers with bright lights and loud noises and notify family and friends when the person has safely arrived at the determined destination. Calling itself the “Swiss Army Knife of Personal Security Apps,” WatchMe911 provides a variety of alarms – from police sirens to barking dogs – activated with the touch of an icon as well as a flashlight to ward off an assailant.

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Personal Protection App is now available to Gift on iTunesLos Angeles (November 29, ambulance 2012) – OnWatch “Full” is the newest version of the White House award winning Personal Protection Safety App just released on iTunes by App Developer, view WatchMe 911. Read more!

Mobile safety app developer WatchMe 911, look Inc. announced today that it is releasing the android version of OnWatchTM, store the company’s White House Award Winning safety app for college students. Read more!

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Safety Alert Apps, ed Inc. Announces Affiliation with Cardinal Point Strategies (via PRWeb)

White House Award Winning Safety App Technology Changing Emergency Response Globally SafeWatch TEAM® protects your workplace population Safety Alert Apps has created an outstanding product that turns your smartphone into a multi-tasking emergency communication…

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